About Us

At Yellow Bike, we love to craft things. Roasting coffee beans, brewing espresso, making your favorite chai… it’s all crafted. We also think that creating a space for people to come together is a part of our craft. So much so, that we’ve made it central to our purpose. We want the world to be a better place, and we think that doesn’t just happen on its own. So we’re doing everything we can to craft that as well!

Part of our craft is bringing great things together and helping them move along their journey. We do that with coffee beans as they make their way from the grower to the roaster and into your cup. We also do that with the people we meet everyday. We love hearing your stories and we love helping you move along your path in life. Finding success in your life sometime comes from hearing how other people identify success in their own lives. Those are the stories you’ll hear us tell everyday.

Founded in 2019, Yellow Bike was a dream inspired by a common childhood experience … riding a bike. Even though most of those early days were spent on the ground gathering bumps and bruises, getting up and getting back at it continued. Finally, with mom’s hand on the back of the seat,  balance was found. 

Helping you find your balance,  find your success, find your story.  Cheering you on!