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To encourage you on your ride!

Learning how to ride a bike is not an easy lesson.

For some of us, an adult was there holding the back of the seat and cheering you on. For others, it was just the bike, the pavement, and grim determination. Whether you were supervised or alone, inevitably you fell off the bike. You bloodied up your knees and cried, and maybe you believed that this whole thing was impossible, that you would never learn, that you’d be left behind.

But then, you got back up. You tried again. You crashed and burned a few more times, but in the end, all that mattered was the moment you felt the road beneath you grow steady. Nothing could stop you anymore, nothing could hold you back. The whole world grew wider and anything seemed possible. In the end, your determination and perseverance paid off, because you achieved what you once thought impossible.

No matter what has happened to you since that moment (the good things, the bad things, the ugly things) that experience is one all of us can relate to. Yellow Bike Coffee is here to encourage you to slow down, maybe laugh at yourself, and get back on the bike—because there’s plenty of road ahead of you.



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